October 3, 2012

What is my quest???

               We are on a mission, a very dangerous mission. We don’t know what lies ahead. We only know what is at the end. We must succeed. As we walk out of the dark and mucky woods, we come to a castle. It stands strong. I don’t know if I can approach it. As I look around, I see my men are tired. We need information and we need it fast. I swallow my fear and shout as loud as I can.
                “Hello?”  After a few seconds of silence, a sharp voice retorts.
                “What is your name?”  I timidly step forward to answer the voice.
                “Sir Lancelot.”
                “What is your quest?”
                “To seek the Holy Grail!”
 In life, we have to live with a lot of wrong decisions. After high school, we are shoved off to college to learn about something that we end up hating three months later! Then after our “higher education” we are herded into the work force to pursue jobs that some of us will eventually loath. Who wants to live that kind of life? This is why it is so imperative to make the RIGHT decision when it matters. The right decision is choosing to study a field that you will love so much that, when you do work, it doesn’t feel like it. But how do we know what is the right decision? The truth is, we all have to figure out what makes us happy, what our purpose is, and accept nothing less. So how do we figure out what our purpose is? In the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Sir Lancelot is just minding his own business when all of the sudden the sky turns dark, the clouds part, and trumpets wail! God descends from Heaven and tells Sir Lancelot that he is to find the Holy Grail. Well great!!! Now all I have to do is wait for God to come down from Heaven and tell me my purpose!!! If only it worked like that.
If you’ve read some of my other posts then you know me a little bit. You know that I love magic. Hopefully it’s clear that I love performing. You know that I have aspirations of getting into the medical field. Those things are great! However, my real passion is people. I love people in every way, shape, and form. People make me smile. People make me laugh. People motivate me. People. Ever since I was really little, I have always been in front of crowds. Audiences have always listened to me. I think that’s where my interest in people first started to grow. It’s been fascinating to see the youngest kids up through the oldest adults listen intently to whatever it was that I had to say. I feel that that’s part of my purpose. I don’t know why I feel that way, I just do. But I can’t have a career in just people. There’s no such thing. So what else is there?
Happiness. It’s the greatest emotion there is, in my opinion. I love being happy and I feel that I am happy more than anything else in the world. I hate being sad. I don’t understand others who choose to constantly feel sad or angry. What’s the point? I’m a really laid back kind of guy. I don’t take anything too seriously. I figure that if a problem arises, there’s no point in ranting about it. No one can ever undo the error so let’s calmly think of ways to correct it. In the long run, everyone is less stressed and the job gets done a lot faster.  They say that sharing is caring. Because I love and care about people, I want to share the amazing emotion of happiness with everyone I come in contact with! Seeing other people smile makes me smile even bigger, especially when I know they’re having a bad day. In all honesty, I think that is the reason I love magic so much. Every time I perform,  get to see the joy my art form brings to the lives of others. Now that is real magic. Hmmm… a passion for people, the love of making others smile and happy… I think I’m onto something. What else helps me find my purpose?
  I care a lot. Some adults may say that I care too much. I personally, don’t think that’s possible. How can a person care too much? I’m not a fan of pain. I hate seeing others in pain or discomfort. So yes, when I see someone with a headache, I care. I will do everything in my power to make sure that person feels even a little bit better. If someone is  sad or even a little disapointed,  I do everything in my power to make their day a little better. As humans, I think that this is the easiest way to show compassion. Even just a little, “Hey! You look really cute today!” or “Have a super fantastic awesome day!” or my personal favorite, “Come on now. Smile! Happy looks good on you!”
So let’s put all of this together. I love people. I really enjoy being happy and sharing my happiness. I’m very compassionate and care for others.  When you lay everything out like this, it makes things a little easier to see. I feel, deep in the pit of my stomach, that my purpose in life is to help other people. Helping others physically, emotionally, spiritually, or whatever way they need help. I want to pursue a career in medicine. I feel that I can reach out and help the most people in that way. I also want to continue to do magic. Not only does it make me feel better, but it obviously has a very positive impact on the people that witness it. You can tell by how they smile. Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe it’s all about the smile. Its so captivating. A smile is extremely genuine. It’s hard to fake one and still look natural. It just happens. That’s what I’m chasing in life. I want to set a world record for “the number of people made smile.” Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep track of all of them.
I did it. I have now answered one of the hardest question a person could possibly be asked. What is my purpose in life? My purpose is to make people smile in with every talent and skill that i possess. People say to me all the time, “but magic isn’t real!” Whenever  I hear that,  I can’t help but call BS. Because magic is real. I have first hand experience. No, the illusions aren’t real. That’s why they’re called ‘illusions’. It’s the smiles. It’s all the joy that I can bring to others through my tricks. That, my friends, is the real magic.

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  1. JT,

    I love your sense of humor! No wonder you are so good at entertainment speaking! ;) I love the reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and wouldn't it be nice, if God just told us our purpose. I'm glad that God has allowed us to figure it out. Medicine and Magic...hmmmm....what a combination!

    Dr. English